Subjectivation and Psychopedagogy of the Subject

For a Lacanian-oriented Philosophy of Education


  • Mimmo Pesare Università del Salento
  • Chiara Agagiù Università del Salento


Parole chiave:

soggettivazione, psicopedagogia, filosofia dell'educazione, psicoanalisi, teoria lacaniana


The article presents a review of Subjectivation theory starting from the Foucauldian-Lacanian perspective and considering it as one of the main theoretical questions that, according to the authors, should found the basis of Philosophy of Education. In the essay are presented such heuristic devices belonging from Lacanian psychoanalysis that are used to investigate the relationship between the subject and the social discourse, considering it in all its declinations and its inner dialectic nature. Imaginary and Symbolic dimensions are both explored to give back the transformation power in Subjectivation, with such socio-political issues that emerge in considering the contemporary subject and that naturally concern the foundational questions in the psycho-pedagogical field.




Come citare

Pesare, M., & Agagiù, C. (2022). Subjectivation and Psychopedagogy of the Subject: For a Lacanian-oriented Philosophy of Education . Paideutika, (36), 16.