Antidogmatism and weak thought

The hinges of problematicism in the time of Crisis


  • Maurizio Fabbri


Parole chiave:

Anti-dogmatism, evolution, rationality, crysis, return to metaphysics


Anti-dogmatism and weak thinking constitute one of the highest points in the evolutionary process of civilization. The ability to think in an open, critical, disinterested way is the condition set by Morin upon leaving the “second prehistory” and is the distinctive trait of the School of Pedagogical Problematicism. Unfortunately, over the last few decades, the dominant culture has appropriated the languages ​​of this tradition and converted them to the rhetoric of the negative, with the effects of absolutizing their nihilistic implications and relapse into dogmatism. What arises is a groundless metaphysics, which rests on the ratio of arbitrariness and which does not possess the necessary requisites to go beyond the reasons for critical thinking: a setback, certainly not a contribution to historical and cultural evolution.




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Fabbri, M. (2022). Antidogmatism and weak thought: The hinges of problematicism in the time of Crisis. Paideutika, (36), 13.